Why buy alpacas?

Why buy alpacasThere are numerous reasons….pets, grass-cutters, pleasure, investment, life-style change, deterrents to predators or purely for the de-stress value- the list is almost endless. Whichever reason you choose for owning alpacas it cannot be denied that they are not only a unique talking point, but also that they are also a sound business investment. They can be kept on small acreages, require relatively little care and attention whilst being gentle on the environment, a real “green” business choice.

Alpacas can be kept as excellent grass cutters. They keep the grass neatly trimmed, with very few running costs, and make an ideal alternative to a ride-on mower that sits in your garage for most of the year!

It may be that, like us, you want to leave the rat race and enjoy the countryside. Alpacas can make that happen, they are the perfect companions and, into the bargain, they can provide you with a diverse business and a good income.

Alpacas are also used as deterrents to predators and are often kept with sheep, goats and free-range poultry. Any threat to the livestock and they will emit a piercing alarm call which alerts everyone around that all is not as it should be. Given enough reason, they will line up and try to corner the predator, trampling it if successful.