Our Snowmass Alpaca Collection

Snowmass Alpacas is an elite collection of world-class alpaca genetics highly selected and bred to create one of the most unique breeding herds in the world. Their goals and ours have been directed towards creating a herd of alpacas that emulate the original ancient Incan alpaca and to advance them even further as we move into a world market for ALPACA.

This is the best time to be investing in proven stock that will far exceed the national averages, as prices have never been so competitive. Snowmass genetics have statistically proven to out perform the masses in every aspect. These leading genetics have dominated the US alpaca world for the last twenty years and we are proud to be able to offer these same stunning genetics to our fellow UK breeders.

Pure Alpacas along with Meon Valley Alpacas, Artwork Alpacas and The Alpaca Stud have personally chosen seven of the best directly from the Snowmass herd. Never before has the UK seen the depth of genetics that these recent arrivals have in their pedigrees with some of the most legendry alpaca names ever to have come out of Peru.

In choosing our Snowmass studs to enhance your breeding programme or in buying our females already pregnant to these amazing alpacas you will be investing for the future.

Please contact us to discuss what these truly pre-potent males can help you achieve.


D.O.B 12/09/07
Colour: Fawn

The oldest of our 2013 import from Snowmass Alpacas, Golden Legend impresses from the moment first seen. Wonderfully representative of the Huacaya phenotype he stands out amongst his peers with his regal attitude. He has tremendous body capacity carried on a strong frame, and with his astonishing substance of bone he looks the part. Move to his fleece and the picture is complete, dense, fine, soft handling, uniform in micron, and with good staple length this 8 year old male vindicates our decision to import him just on his own merits. Look at his pedigree and you see Snowmass Matrix (the worlds highest priced male) amongst others giving a depth to the pedigree that will be hard to beat. On his own he is hard to ignore, with his pedigree he is irresistible. The very reason he has been used heavily in our own coloured breeding programme in his first year with us. Some things are inevitable and the quality of his first cria would seem to be just one of those “things”.


D.O.B. 12/05/09
Colour: Mid Brown

A new arrival from Snowmass in 2013 this is another male of outstanding phenotype with his superbly balanced body, tremendous strength of frame and substance of bone. Beautiful to look at with an ideal head type and outstanding fleece coverage, he carries a bright, dense fleece with the uniformity of micron and style we have sought to keep at the forefront of our breeding programme. Soft handling with excellent staple length he is another male producing a heavy cutting fleece with an outstanding commercial value. Look at his pedigree and you can see a depth and consistency of genetics, including the great Snowmass Quechua, which will in one breeding offer consistency of results, but as importantly, an unrivalled pedigree in the resultant offspring no matter the provenance of the dam. We see him as a key factor in the development of our own coloured breeding programme as we seek to achieve the standards expected of our white bloodlines. With his first cria now on the ground our confidence in his genetics would seem well founded.


D.O.B. 24/01/06
Colour: White

Snowmass AlpacasInvincibly Elite epitomises those qualities we all seek to establish in our own herds.  His sire Invincible, is half brother to the great Snowmass Quechua, one of only two living brothers who have done so much to enhance the respect Snowmass enjoys amongst world breeders.  Invincibly Elite is himself demonstrating the fabulous balance of frame and substance of bone so well established throughout the Snowmass lines.  His entire fleece demonstrates fantastic organisation and architecture, with brightness and style more akin to a merino fleece.  The fleece is sublimely soft to the hand and has the density only Snowmass genetics consistently produce in fine fleeces.  Add all of this to a majestic presence and this male clearly lives up to, and believes in his name, INVINCIBLY ELITE.


Colour: Light Brown

A new addition in Spring 2013 to our stud paddock Puna Sky epitomises those qualities that have made the Snowmass name synonymous with success. This relatively young male is of an exemplary phenotype, heavy boned and beautifully balanced he is carrying a fine and dense fleece that is uniform in fineness both within the staple and across the body. With his astonishing staple length he has a heavy cutting fleece with a wonderfully soft handle so much needed by the textile manufacturers. With a very distinctive architecture and excellent brightness this fleece cannot but succeed to impress. Add to this a pedigree that includes many of the most famous names within the American pedigree register, and non other than the pre-potent Snowmass Conopa as sire, and you can perhaps understand why we are so excited at the prospect of introducing his colour genetics into our breeding programme.


D.O.B. 23/10/05
Colour: White

Snowmass Alpacas - QuetzalcoatlQuetzacoatl shows himself with great style and presence, demonstrating the perfect phenotype allied to a beautifully organised fleece exhibiting the customary brightness and softness of handle that is synonymous with the Snowmass name.  You have only to view this male from a distance to see that he has outstanding density and structure to his fleece.  The fleece has tremendous staple definition, only seen in the most elite of males, although hardly surprising when you consider his pedigree, featuring both Hemingway and Vengador, just two of the greats of American alpaca history.  Having seen the influence of these two historic males already proven here in the UK by Dovecote Jaquinto of Alpaca Stud, we are absolutely sure of his ability to impact on any breeding programme.  With his style and presence, this macho lives up to his name given to the god Mesoamerican people worshipped, known as “the shining one” otherwise called QUETZALCOATL.


D.O.B. 20/08/06
Colour: White

Snowmass Alpacas - Royal VisionRoyal Vision is another example of the prepotency of the Snowmass lines with yet another beautifully well-organised fleece demonstrating fantastic uniformity across the entire body.  This uniformity is however not only of fineness, but also of architecture, organisation and soft handle, and of course the customary Snowmass density.  

Royal Vision boasts yet another stunning pedigree with all of the heavy hitting genetics from then USA present, but the real story with him is the presence of the very highest quality coloured genetics on both the dam and sires side.  This male is an absolute must for those seeking to introduce the qualities of white fleeces in to their lighter colour-breeding programme.  This male simply stands out in the paddock with the perfect phenotype and obvious high quality.  With his regal stature and good looks, he is another example of a great male living up to his name, a true ROYAL VISION.


D.O.B. 23/08/08
Colour: Light Brown

A new addition in Spring 2013 to our stud paddock Xxxtreme Dimension, very closely related to Puna Sky, is a prime demonstration of the consistency that Snowmass genetics add to any breeding programme. This male is very typical of the Snowmass bloodlines with his outstanding phenotype with heavy bone and perfect balance he is carrying a fine and dense fleece that is uniform both within the staple and across the body, and showing excellent staple length. This is a heavy cutting fleece with a very soft handle so much needed by the textile manufacturers. Displaying distinguishing architecture and excellent brightness this fleece cannot but succeed to impress. With his pedigree including many of the most famous names within the American pedigree register, and the pre-potent.

Snowmass Conopa as sire we are unsurprisingly excited at having introduced his colour genetics into our breeding programme. Just look at the depth of pedigree to understand our confidence in him, and his first cria have not disappointed.