Our Alpaca Herd

Alpaca herd in the UKWe started out with Huacaya and these still form the mainstay of our entire herd. Along the way though, as most owners do, we fell in love with Suri and now run an expanding number of these beautiful alpacas.

We do not specialise in colour, preferring to have a diverse herd of as many of the twenty-two natural shades as we can to show to others. However, our breeding program is carefully planned to ensure that we maintain the best genetics and traits that we can within our herd and to ensure that we consistently improve on our alpacas’ conformation, fleece and pedigrees. The majority of our herd have pure Peruvian bloodlines boasting Accoyo studs such as Killawasi, Quetchuan Frottle, Alpaca Stud Warrior and Remarque in their pedigrees as well as other world-renowned studs, including Hemingway, Vengador and Bueno.

With such a solid foundation, we are able to offer both existing and prospective clients a wide choice of alpacas in a range of colours and budgets.