About Jay & Hilary Holland

Judging AlpacasJay and Hilary share the running and care of their alpacas on a daily basis.

Jay had a very ordinary office job until alpacas entered his life several years ago. Then, having a mid-life crisis, he embarked upon an intensive learning curve, found that alpacas were an ideal balance to the hectic life we lead, bought three pregnant girls and a young pet male and now runs over 80 alpacas having given up the “day job” to concentrate on alpacas full-time.

During the last few years, Jay has continued to develop his alpaca knowledge and skills. He is a qualified BAS Judge, having judged shows both at home and overseas, an Approved BAS Tutor, is a past BAS director and government advisor on camelids.

Jay and Hilary are constantly learning more about alpacas, their care and breeding as well as the myriad of uses for their fibre.

Hilary is the cornerstone of the farm. Hilary has the organisational flair, learnt from her previous career, keeping the farm records up-to date, organising the training courses and dates and, most importantly, allows Jay the time to visit other alpaca owners delivering training and advice by keeping the farm running when Jay is away.